Getting Started with Pelican

It's not easy to find a good static blog generator. I stumbled on Jekyll Bootstrap and from the first sight it seemed to be a nice choice: simple setup, support for multiple themes. Later I found several drawbacks. Like comment from the author:

I don't actively contribute to JB anymore.
Not having control over jekyll development essentially means this is all
one big hack, and the more I hack the more I sacrifice simplicity;
but I am looking for help!

Jade Dominguez

and lack of multi-language support (I want to write in Russian too) and need for changes of templates (I really want this working out of the box).

So I started to look for alternative static blog generators in Python and found the list of them on Quora. Pelican Features and the article Blogging with Pelican and Github determined the final decision.

I was just following Pelican quickstart. There were few settings missing in

    ('About', ''),

    ('extra/CNAME', 'CNAME'),

Found Makefile target called github, so publishing to Github is as easy as make publish github. Though there're two important requirements:

  1. Install ghp-import package
  2. Setup repository for Project Pages

Originally I had private repository for user pages, so my first push ended up with "Page not found" error.